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Exceptional child psychiatrist!! Briliiant and attentive; personable and caring; extraordinary communication; authentic and professional; changed my son’s life!


Family Center by the Falls has been a much-needed resource and blessing to our community. I have confidence in the counselors and therapists at FCBTF to offer care to those who need it most.

Jonathan Holmes
Fieldstone Counseling

Dr. Grcevich is literally a lifesaver. He has done wonders for our two sons--They quality of their lives improved dramatically under his care. My family owes him more than we can ever possibly repay.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Grcevich and what he has done for our family over the years!


Dr. Grcevich is an extraordinary doctor! He has helped keep my family healthy for years, and we are all grateful to him.


Your thoroughness was much appreciated. Thank you!


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