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Dr. Grcevich's Services

How he helps


Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Evaluation

A typical evaluation in our practice takes three hours or more, typically over two visits and includes separate interviews with the parents and child, along with ample time for discussion of diagnostic impressions and treatment options. New patients are usually seen within 7-14 days of a family's initial contact.

Evidence-Based Medication Management

Dr. Grcevich takes a conservative, evidence-based approach to prescribing medication for children and teens. His goal is to use as little medication as possible for as short a period as possible. When appropriate, he is open to "de-prescribing" - the thoughtful and deliberate process of discontinuing or reducing the dose of medications that may no longer be of benefit or eliminating medication that may be exacerbating a child's emotional or behavioral issues.

House Calls

Dr. Grcevich is available to conduct evaluations and follow-up visits with kids in their homes. Seeing a child in their natural environment can be a rich source of information and provide context to the problems for which they are being treated. Home visits may also be desirable in situations when children or their parents are experiencing difficulty leaving their homes as a result of medical or mental health concerns.

Summer Music Performance


Dr. Grcevich has been offering "virtual visits" for nearly ten years. Virtual visits can be very helpful when established patients have urgent needs, when busy schedules leave little margin for travel to and from an office, or when parents want to be part of an appointment while at work or traveling.

School Consultation

Dr. Grcevich regularly meets with individual assessment teams in schools to assist families in obtaining special education services or accommodations related to common mental health conditions. He is also available to school systems to provide an outside opinion and recommendations for kids with complex needs.

Educational Workshops

Dr. Grcevich is a very "in-demand" speaker on topics related to children's mental health. He has spoken live and in person to physician groups in 47 states and Canada, and has an extensive history of speaking at major medical conferences.

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