For Established Patients

If your child or teen is an "active" patient in our practice, this page is to help you manage situations that arise outside of scheduled appointments.


In an emergency, proceed immediately to the nearest emergency room. Screening for psychiatric emergencies is handled by emergency room staff or by local crisis response in hospitals throughout our region. Dr. Grcevich has no ability to directly “admit” your child to any psychiatric facility or program. When you have arrived at the emergency room, feel free to share Dr. Grcevich’s cell number (440) 589-4350 with the emergency room staff.

If your child is becoming violent to the point that they are at risk of causing serious harm to themselves or another person, please call your local police department and then notify Dr. Grcevich. Dr. Grcevich responds to emergencies only for active patients. An “active patient” is defined as a person who has received services from the practice within the past six months.

Prescription requests:  Patients obtaining medical services from Dr. Grcevich will receive prescriptions sufficient to last until the next scheduled follow-up visit. Exceptions may occur when Dr. Grcevich is initiating a new medication, adjusting the dose of medication, or discontinuing medication. If you cancel or reschedule an appointment and need a new prescription or refills prior to your next appointment, please e-mail at least five working days in advance of the prescription running out. You can e-mail him at or text his cell number. Please include the name and phone number of the pharmacy where you would like the prescription called if the medication in question is not a controlled substance. If you need a follow-up appointment , Dr. Grcevich will ask you to schedule one. He doesn't accept prescription requests from pharmacies by phone or fax. There will be a minimum $30.00 charge for prescriptions provided outside of scheduled appointments unless a medication change is initiated by Dr. Grcevich. If more than one prescription is requested outside of a scheduled appointment, there will be a $10.00 charge for each additional prescription. The credit card you keep on file with us will be charged.

Phone Calls, E-mail and Texting:

Dr. Grcevich does not respond to phone calls or text messages during sessions. Most phone calls will be directed to voice mail. Calls will usually be returned during breaks in the schedule or at the end of the day. E-mail or text are preferred methods of communication. He usually responds to routine phone calls, e-mail or texts within two business days.

Dr. Grcevich’s cell phone number is (440) 589-4350. Please do not share this number with anyone except professionals involved with your child’s care so he might continue to prioritize patient concerns. This number may be shared with your child’s pediatrician or primary care physician, psychologists, counselors, or therapists involved in your child’s care or teachers/ administrators from your child’s school.

If your concern can’t be resolved with a brief phone call, e-mail or text exchange, Dr. Grcevich will likely request you schedule a formal appointment to address the concern, either via telemedicine or in-person.

Letters, Reports and Forms

The production of letters and other forms of written communication can be extremely time-consuming for Dr. Grcevich. Time spent in response to requests will be billed on a pro-rated basis of Dr. Grcevich’s hourly rate with a minimum charge of $30.00 for any letters or reports requested of us by parents or school officials. Exceptions to the policy for which there is no charge include:

  • Forms for dispensing prescription at school

  • Brief letters including a diagnostic summary to support necessary accommodations at school

  • An evaluation summary to your child’s referring clinician and/or primary care physician upon

    your signed, written request.

"Prior Authorization" Requests for Prescriptions from Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Insurers:

The vast majority of prescriptions Dr. Grcevich writes are for medications available in generic form for a modest cost. Some medications (branded products for which there is no generic version, and many extended-release medications for ADHD) often require a “prior authorization” process, even in situations when the family is required to pay the full price of the medication because of not having met a deductible. Some companies demand prior authorization for relatively inexpensive medications when arbitrary limits are exceeded on the number of pills in a prescription – more than one pill a day or 30 pills per month.

Such requests are time-consuming because companies demand detailed explanations of why previous medication trials failed. The same policy that applies to letters and reports will apply to prior authorization requests - time spent in response to requests will be billed on a pro-rated basis of Dr. Grcevich’s hourly rate with a minimum charge of $30.00. Prior to submitting such requests, Dr. Grcevich will attempt to notify parents if the cost of the medication does not justify the anticipated time required for the prior authorization process. If the prescribed medication is available for less than $20.00/month at two or more retail pharmacies in the greater Cleveland area using discount services such as GoodRx, the time spent on prior authorization isn’t justified.

It is your responsibility to pay for any medication prescribed to you or your child. If you are unable to do so, please contact Dr. Grcevich. He is happy to work with families to identify affordable treatment alternatives.

Release of informationClick here to download a release of information if you'd like records to be shared with other professionals involved in your child's care. Please initial (do not check) all lines on the release that pertain to your child and all lines on the bottom of the first page as "YES" since this information is contained in your progress notes. On the second page, please indicate "YES" to all categories that pertain to your child, sign and date.