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Professional Fees

Fees effective as of January 1, 2023

Typical Hourly Charges: $350.00/hour

Psychiatric Evaluation - Single Session

99205           $700.00       Single session evaluation – up to 2 Hours

99205+         $1,000.00    Single session evaluations of 2 ½ hours or more


Note: the 99344 billing code will be substituted for 99205 when the entire evaluation takes place in the patient's place of residence.

Psychiatric Evaluation - Two Sessions (typically 2 ½ - 3 ½ hours after combining time spent in meetings with parent(s), child)

90791             $450.00          Parent interview (first of two session eval)

90792             $550.00          Child interview (second of two session eval) 

Note: 99350 will be used if the second evaluation session is home-based.

Psychiatric Follow-Up Visits

99212             Typical appointment < 15 minutes                        $150.00                      

99213             Typical appointment: 15-24 minutes                     $230.00                      

99214             Typical appointment: 25-50 minutes                     $275.00          

99215             Typical appointment: 51-75 minutes                     $350.00

Home-Based Services

99347             $230.00          In-home services < 25 minutes

99348             $275.00          In-home services, 25-50 minutes

99349             $350.00          In-home services, > 50 minutes

99350             $550.00          In-home services, second visit of two-visit evaluation

Note: Time for telemedicine sessions also includes time spent on documentation and processing prescriptions after the online component of the session has ended.

Family therapy with or without the identified patient is billed at the rates for psychiatric follow-up visits. The family therapy without patient code may be used for appointments during which medication is discussed, but the identified patient is absent.

90846             Family therapy without patient       

90847             Family therapy with patient

-95                  Telemedicine modifier                             

99354             $300.00          Prolonged Service Time (30-74 minutes)

99355             $175.00          Prolonged Service- (added to 99354, 75-104 minutes)

Other Psychiatric Services

90882             Environmental Intervention (school visits) - billed at 50% of hourly rate                      

90885             Record Review ($87.50 + $87.50/15 minutes)

90889             Report Writing ($87.50 + $87.50/15 minutes)

Telephone Calls, E-mail, Texting:

It is Dr. Grcevich's intent NOT to charge for routine communication. Families come to a practice such as ours because they're seeking a child psychiatrist who is generally available and responsive. It is likely Dr. Grcevich will ask you to come in for a follow-up visit or take part in a video visit if your clinical concern can’t be resolved in ten minutes or less by phone or e-mail. Please note that you will not be billed for any contacts that are part of a previously discussed clinical plan such as a brief, planned follow up.  We will continue to make every effort to inform you when a contact will be charged.  

99441             FREE             Telephone calls < 10 minutes

99442             $50.00            Telephone calls: 11-20 minutes

99443             $100.00          Telephone calls > 21 minutes

99444                                    E-mail (similar to telephone calls)

Travel time for home-based appointments, school meetings:

In-home appointments or school-based meetings within 30 minutes of Chagrin Falls will not incur an additional charge. In-home appointments more than 30 minutes from the office that can’t be scheduled immediately before or after another appointment in the area will result in a surcharge for travel time billed at 50% of the Dr. Grcevich’s hourly rate on a pro-rated basis. 

Charges for Prescription Refills:

Patients obtaining medical services from Dr. Grcevich will receive prescriptions sufficient to last until the next scheduled follow-up visit, unless specifically discussed in the follow-up plan for very stable, long-term patients. If you run out of medication, the usual reasons are that you missed an appointment, canceled an appointment or rescheduled for a later date. Exceptions may occur when Dr. Grcevich is initiating a new medication, adjusting the dose of medication, or discontinuing medication. If you cancel or reschedule an appointment and need a new prescription or refills prior to your next appointment, please e-mail Dr. Grcevich at least five working days in advance of your child's prescription running out. We don’t accept prescription requests from pharmacies by phone or fax.

There will be a minimum $50.00 charge for prescriptions provided outside of scheduled appointments unless a medication change is initiated by Dr. Grcevich. If more than one prescription is requested outside of a scheduled appointment, there will be a $10.00 charge for each additional prescription. The credit card you keep on file with us will be charged.

The recently enacted requirement by the Ohio State Pharmacy Board that all prescriptions for controlled substances (stimulant medications for ADHD, benzodiazepines used in rare instances for treatment of acute anxiety) has greatly added to the practice's administrative burden and significantly increased the length of initial evaluations and follow-up appointments. It also means that prescriptions need to be rewritten if families choose to use a different pharmacy between the time the original prescription was issued and the time they desire to have a prescription filled if their child's medication is considered a controlled substance. This sometimes happens even in situations when a family/patient desires to fill their prescription at a different location within the same pharmacy chain. Because of the time burden involved in responding to prescription requests, the $50 minimum charge will apply when Dr. Grcevich is asked to respond to these requests. The same charge applies when due to no fault of Dr. Grcevich, pharmacies insist upon prescriptions being reissued.

Charges for Prior Authorization Requests from Insurers or Pharmacy Benefit Managers:

The vast majority of prescriptions Dr. Grcevich writes are for medications available in generic form for a modest cost. Effective December 1, 2022 Dr. Grcevich refuses to respond to prior authorization requests for prescribed medications available at reduced cost in a generic form. Insurance companies or pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) often demand prior authorization for very inexpensive medications when arbitrary limits are exceeded on the number of pills in a prescription – more than one pill a day or 30 pills per month. 

In situations when Dr. Grcevich prescribes medications unavailable in generic forms and prior authorization is required companies frequently demand highly detailed explanations of why previous medication trials failed and new documentation uploaded. These demands have become more detailed and complex as apps and software have been rolled out to simplify the process. To take advantage of the process, physicians need to use integrated electronic record systems that aren't used in our practice.  

The same policy that applies to letters and reports will apply to prior authorization requests - time spent in response to requests will be billed on a pro-rated basis of Dr. Grcevich’s hourly rate with a minimum charge of $87.50. Prior to submitting such requests, Dr. Grcevich will attempt to notify parents if the cost of the medication does not justify the anticipated time required for the prior authorization process. In 2022, the average prior authorization request took more time to fulfill than was spent in the most common type of follow-up appointment.

It is your responsibility to pay for any medication prescribed to you or your child. If you are unable to do so, please contact Dr. Grcevich. He is happy to work with families to identify affordable treatment alternatives.

Dr. Grcevich encourages families to become knowledgeable about their prescription drug coverage and use tools such as GoodRx to comparison shop the cost of their child's prescriptions through the different pharmacy chains.

Legal Issues:

Dr. Grcevich does not provide legal advice or forensic services as part of his practice. Please notify him immediately if you or your child become involved in a legal or criminal matter that may require his participation. If you become involved in legal proceedings and require Dr. Grcevich’s participation, you will be charged for professional time at the rate of $700.00/hour, including any travel or preparation time. Be aware that potential conflicts of interest may arise from involving Dr. Grcevich in legal proceedings that preclude him from providing ongoing mental health care to your child.

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